Am I on track?

Am I on track?

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

"Reverse" goal setting

I may have mentioned previously that my cycling goal for the year is the Ipswich Open (both an individual time trial and a road race) in October 2011.  Its probably wildly over-optimistic given my 8 month absence from the bike, but you have to have a goal, right??

So, in order to work out the steps to get there, I've worked backwards...   If I'm going to race the Ipswich Open in October, then...
  • September - I have to be racing in my club criteriums at Murarrie, so I have some racing efforts in my legs. Which means...
  • August - I have to be riding in my long, pacy club group rides. Both to have some decent mileage in my legs, and to ensure I have my group riding skills back up to scratch again for racing.  Which means...
  • July - I need to be back to cycle-commuting regularly, and getting in some decent (but slow) weekend rides to prep the legs for the group rides.  Which means...
  • June - for the rest of this month, I need to get used to just being on the bike again. And getting myself mentally ready for commuting, plus ensuring I have all my gear ready for it.
Hopefully that will have me ready to race in October, with the goal of simply finishing the race with the main peloton.


  1. Where are you riding? I, too, am fat and slow, and could join you. Not to imply that you are fat or slow, of course.

  2. Yes - fat & slow is a very apt description!! I'm almost 10kg heavier than I was when I got knocked off the bike...

    Have just been hitting the local streets for now as I try and rebuild my 'traffic sense' and get my skill levels back - hopefully will be farther afield soon... Will let you know!!