Am I on track?

Am I on track?

Thursday, 8 December 2011

November 2011 Review

A quick update of my cycling in November before we reach the end of December!!

Mileage - 201km
Weight - 88kg (steady)

I'm very happy with that mileage figure, a smidge over 200km.  Remembering I spent half of November in Sydney for work, I managed to knock out those kilometres in just a couple of weeks.

It was also a good mix of road-riding and a couple of sweat-fest magtrainer sessions.  Mixing up both road and trainer is definitely having a positive effect on my bike fitness, even in such a short timeframe.

So what's ahead for December?

I'm still working hard on consistency.  Not thinking too hard about training structure, or losing too much sleep over intensity - just focussing on getting on the bike as often as possible and racking up the km's, so the legs will be ready for a big 2012.

The Cycling Qld 2012 road racing calendar was published last week.  I'll post later about that in more detail - but it won't be any surprise that reading through the calendar got the competitive juices flowing.  There are only three club criterium races left in Brisbane for the year - this Saturday and next Saturday at Murarrie, and next Wednesday night at Nundah.  I know I was blogging earlier about giving racing a miss until 2012, and focussing on base training - but I reckon I'm going to hit the races at least once (maybe even all three!). This'll help me satisfy those racing urges, and give me an indicator (and hopefully some motivation!) for my training over the Christmas/New Year period.

I'm feeling good on the bike, the new saddle is feeling great (more on that later too), and I can't wait to rack up some more good kilometres on the bike over December.

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