Am I on track?

Am I on track?

Monday, 15 August 2011

"Baseline stats" and some prep...

So I've been preparing to re-start my cycling journey. For me - it really starts when I begin to cycle-commute again. In my mind, that signals my transformation to being a 'cyclist' again.

I have had to jump through a few hoops first, though. My wife, who has always been very supportive of my endeavours - but who is understandably a bit edgy about me being 'back on the road' again - made a couple of requests before I got back in the saddle:
1. Sort out our Wills, and
2. Tell my parents!!

On Friday, our Wills were signed in our solicitor's office - done! And today I sent out an email to my parents and in-laws, making it clear that if I were to be killed while riding my bike, that it's not my wife's fault for "letting me ride my bike again"...

So I'm sorted!! Weather permitting, tomorrow will be the big day. To say I'm excited is an understatement. It would also be fair to say I'm a bit anxious and nervous too, but I suspect that'll ease once I get in amongst the traffic again.

This morning, I jumped on the scales to check what my weight was so I could track how I progress over the coming months. The needle on the scales flickered a fraction below 90kg - and so I'll mark off 90 kilo's as my starting point (ugh!). It could have been worse though - I smashed up my fair share of dagwood dogs and strawberry ice-creams with the family at the Brisbane Ekka yesterday...!!

Also, I've been keeping my eye out for some good value bib-knicks. I have three pairs in my regular rotation - 2 x Route7 Pro's (my favourites!), and a pair of Descente blue bibs (to match my club jersey).

The Route7 knicks are fabulous, and I bought them for only $30/pair - bargain! Sadly, that model are no longer made, and I've been somewhat bummed in the search for similar good value knicks (as alluded to in previous posts, I'm a by-necessity cheapskate).

So I was excited to receive an email from Torpedo7 today, revealing a new model of Route7 bibs - the Route7 Elite bibs - and on special for $30! I'm going to order a couple of pairs tonight, and see how they go... I'll do a review down the track and let you know if they are any good...!!


Fingers crossed for a sunny day and peaceful traffic on the roads tomorrow!!

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