Am I on track?

Am I on track?

Friday, 24 October 2014

C Grade Cyclist - v3.0

Three weeks ago, I had the last surgery relating to the shoulder I broke back in December last year.  I had the clavicle plate removed from my left side.  Last week, I had my final follow-up appointment at the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

So that's it! No more surgery, no more hospital visits, no more nothing!!  The surgeon advised me not to any heavy lifting or anything 'too strenuous' until the end of this month - but after that, I'm good to go...

Insert cliched "it's a new dawn!!" picture here...  ;-)

The overwhelming feeling I have is one of relief. It's nice to have all that over and done with.  And having gone through this twice now in the last few years, I really hope I don't have to do it ever again!

I have a lot of things whirling through my head now. So many goals, so many possible plans...  What to do?!

I've started drawing together a few ideas of how I'll train & race for the next 14 months (from November 2014 to the end of 2015).  I'm trying hard to make sure I don't over-reach, and keep them all achievable, measurable, and specific.

Not sure how its all gonna look yet. Tossing up between (a) diving back into the cycle-racing deep end, and (b) taking a year off racing to really train hard without pressure, build up a huge mileage base, and crosstrain with both running & triathlon.

Either way, there are plenty of pros and cons.  But I'll have it sorted shortly and start on the next phase of my 'cycling journey'...!!

A couple of things you can expect to see on the blog over the next few months:

I won a bike!! Yes, seriously!!  I was incredibly fortunate to win a brand spanking new Cell Akuna 1.1 from  I've had it for a couple of months now, and you'll see a full review for it coming up soon.  But let me tell you this much now - it is probably the best value bike you can buy on this planet...!! I am loving it...  :-)

Intermittent fasting - I'm currently trialling an intermittent fasting protocol.  16 hours of fasting, from 3pm to 7am. I'm doing it 2-3 times each week, on non-consecutive days.  There aren't any particular goals I'm trying to achieve with this, just giving it a try to see what happens (if anything!). I'm about two week s along now, and will give a bit of a write up about it after a couple of months of sticking with it...

That's it for now! Looking forward to finally being able to train again with some sort of purpose. See you on the road...!!

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