Am I on track?

Am I on track?

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Product Review: Ass Saver rear mudguard

Some products are so simple, when you first use it you smack your forehead and say, "Why didn't anyone think of this before?!"  Firmly in this category is the Ass Saver 'emergency rear mudguard'...

With all the wet weather around in South-East Queensland over the last few months, I have gotten very sick of getting home with a wet bum and wet, muddy back (or backpack!) from all the puddles and damp roads I've ridden through.

While a proper fender is the obvious solution to this - it is not a viable solution for my roadbike.  They are a pain to fit, there are no lugs on my bike, and they look ridiculous.  While shopping for a few bits and pieces, I stumbled across these Ass Saver mudguards at Cell Bikes, and so I added one to my shopping cart to give them a try.

This review can be summed up very briefly - these things are cheap, but totally awesome! My Ass Saver (in blue to match my bike, but they come in 10 different colours) was fitted to my bike in literally less than 10 seconds. It looked sharp, and it did a fantastic job of keeping my back & bottom dry.

On my roadie - looks great & is very effective.

They fit a huge range of saddles. I have four different saddles at home (my normal roadie, the mountain bike, the fixie, and a spare saddle), and the Ass Saver fit easily on all of them.

On my spare saddle - so you can see how it 'clips' to the saddle rails...

The Ass Saver is also super-light, weighing a tiny 15 grams. Plus it looks really good on the bike, which is a bonus.  It turned some heads at the work bike-rack, everyone wanted to know what it was and were impressed by it.  To top it all of, it is Euro-approved - these Ass Saver mudguards were used by both the Lotto-Belisol and Vacansoleil teams during this year's wet and windy Milan-San Remo Classic.

You can see the red Ass Saver on the saddle of Andre Greipel here...

If you ever take your bike out on wet roads - do yourself a favour and buy an Ass Saver.  I bought mine from Cell Bikes for the princely sum of only $9. They have all 10 colours available, so you can colour match to your bike (or be boring and buy black).

So in summary - buy this product!!  It gets 10/10 dry bums from me...  :)

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