Am I on track?

Am I on track?

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

September 2012 Review

I am having a great time at the moment, enjoying a 2-week family holiday at Burleigh Heads. It has been a perfect mental recovery time, and I am having a wonderful time.  Fortunately, I was able to bring the bike with me to keep up a bit of mileage and maintain a bit of consistency in the legs.

But first - my stats for the month:
Mileage - 539km (year-to-date total - 3833km)Weight - 77kg (1kg loss)

Very happy with my consistency again, and I can certainly feel the difference its making in my legs.  I'm comfortable and strong on the bike at the moment, and my form is tracking in the right direction.  Its very motivating, and I'm looking forward to testing myself in some club and Open races during October.

One of the highlights has been 'road/track training' at the Nerang Velodrome on the Gold Coast.  I took the chance to join in while I'm down here on holidays.  Basically, it involved 100 laps on the 365m outdoor velodrome (on road bikes), with every 10th lap being a sprint.

It was a very, very hard session!  There was a decent crowd of 20-30 riders, with a mix of abilities across all grades all riding together.  To be honest, I probably spent the same number of laps circling on the outside of the velodrome gasping for breath and recovering as I did in the paceline!  It was a heap of fun though, and was a great mid-week hit-out to smash the legs.

That's it for now, the beach is calling me (holidays are tough stuff!) - plenty of time to reflect on what's to come when I rejoin the real world next week...  :)

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