Am I on track?

Am I on track?

Thursday, 3 May 2012

April 2012 Review

There is a heap going on this month, so I'd better get my March 2012 stats recorded for posterity before I launch into my next series of blog posts!!

Mileage - 344km  (2012 total so far - 1494km)
Weight - 79.5kg (down 1.5kg for the month!)

The mileage figure is, well, a bit crap.  The reasons why it's too low are clear - I missed 12 days straight during Easter due to holidays, family activities, and our camping trip (as per my last blog post), plus I missed the last 5 days of the month thanks to a work trip to Canberra. 

So when you consider it as 344km for half-a-month, that's actually pretty good. But my long-standing battle with inconsistency is not being won.  I am desperate for a clear, month-long, unbroken stint of training.  This is especially important now as I'm only 2 months out from my A-Race for the year - the Avanti Classic - so things have to start happening now.

Fortunately, I have a plan.  I've already started, and I'll formalise it on these blog pages in the next couple of days... (stay tuned!)

What I am stoked about is hitting my weight goal of sub-80kg!!  Four months of steady weight loss has gone remarkably well, and I am ridiculously happy at having a weight in the 70's.  The next step now is to stabilise in the mid-to-high 70's.

So that's it for now - a quick blog post to update my mileage and weight-loss stats.  The next couple of days will see me posting about my training plan for the next two months, and of course my predictions for this years Giro d'Italia which starts on Saturday night!

Keep the rubber side down!!

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