Am I on track?

Am I on track?

Sunday, 8 April 2012

March 2012 Review

As I sit on the couch at 11pm watching an incredible Paris-Roubaix unfold, I'd better get my March 2012 stats recorded before we get too far into the new month!!

Mileage - 451km  (2012 total so far - 1150km)
Weight - 81kg (down 1.5kg for the month!)

Another improvement in my mileage, making it my biggest month of the year so far.  Just short of my 500km goal, but very happy nonetheless.  Apart from one day when my legs fell apart (because I carelessly ate too little during the day), I rode strongly and consistently throughout the month. Probably my only disappointment was only making it to one race - but that should change next month as the calendar clears up a little.

Weight-wise, another solid drop of excess kilos.  Getting very close now to my goal of a steady sub-80kg long-term weight, which feels terrific.  I'm starting too eat more for now, gearing up a bit more for performance rather than weight-loss. It'll be interesting to see how that changes things...

Looking ahead, the main thing to look forward to is my first A race of the year, the Anzac 25. Its held on the 25th April (Anzac Day!), and hopefully my legs will continue to improve as we get closer.  We'll be doing a week-long family camping trip before then, which means a week off the bike. However, we have many long hikes planned that should keep my fitness at a decent level.

Now, back to the couch to watch the conclusion of Paris-Roubaix...!!

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