Am I on track?

Am I on track?

Monday, 5 March 2012

February 2012 Review

Having a tough run of it with weather in 2012 - but first, to the stats for this month:

Mileage - 391km  (2012 total so far - 699km)
Weight - 82.5kg (down 2.5kg for the month!)

So February was a shorter month, meaning managing an increase in mileage was terrific.  I'm slowly getting up to where I want to be (500+ km/month) - I just need the 'stars to align' in terms of weather, illness and work.

February saw just over a week lost to weather, and a full week lost to a bad cold I had.  Putting that into perspective, my mileage total for only two effective weeks is really good! However, I need to stop having these 'relatively good' months, and put together a really strong month of heavy kilometres.

Hopefully March will see everything come together. Its been an inauspicious start, with a broken rear spoke leaving me without a rear wheel. On the upside, its also pouring rain - so maybe all the obstacles will be over and done with at the same time! Let's hope so.

The other great news is my weight-loss journey continues successfully. Another consistent month, and I'm down more than 5kg for the year! My goal of getting my weight below 80kg isn't far away, and I haven't felt like wavering at any time so far - it can't be far off now...

No major goal races this month, but the plan is to race in my club criteriums as often as possible. There is no substitute for hard racing kilometres, and I'm looking forward to how my legs handle it.  I'm also planning to join in some longer group rides this month - both with the club and some shop rides. This should set me up well for the longer road races I'm planning to hit later in the year.

I'm looking forward to getting my rear wheel back from Planet Cycles tomorrow afternoon, the skies clearing, and getting into a big March!

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